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Service learning


For any enquiries related to service learning contact: Professor Grady Venville, Dean of Coursework Studies, [email protected]

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service learning studentsService learning refers to community engagement activities that are embedded in units of study, being structured and assessed as formal educational experiences.

We encourage you to consider incorporating service learning in to coursework in order to:

  • Develop an ethical sense of social responsibility in your students
  • Build partnerships with the community benefit sector
  • Advance equity and social justice in the community
  • Enhance the University‚Äôs reputation for good citizenship and public-spirited leadership.

Examples of service learning at UWA

There are a number of ways that faculties are implementing service learning in coursework:

View the UWA Handbook for a complete list of approved service learning units and units with service learning components.

Policies and Procedures

Any service learning unit must align with the University Policy on Service Learning.

Service learning approvals are managed through CAIDi, UWA's curriculum management system. You can propose a service learning unit or component for a unit, or remove service learning, via the annual change process for units. Final approval for any proposal ultimately rests with the Dean of Coursework Studies.

Service Learning [PDF, 630.6 KB]
Updated 23 Oct 2015