Education at UWA

Education Futures vision

Evidence based teaching

UWA provides evidence-based, quality teaching practices.

Experiential learning

UWA provides students with a rich variety of learning experiences, including service learning, that connect them to the University, professional, local and global communities

Global citizenship and leadership

UWA prepares its students to be contributing members and leaders of local, national and global communities.

Integrated research experiences

Learning and teaching experiences at UWA are integrated with, and informed by, research.

Optimised resources

UWA teaching and learning activities are supported by an extended range of quality resources, facilities and technologies.

Transformative teaching

Teaching practices at UWA are designed to engage, challenge and transform students throughout their courses.

Vibrant campus environment

UWA values and provides a vibrant, collaborative learning environment within its attractive campus.


UWA’s Education Futures Vision is presented as seven statements that are consistent with the values embedded in New Courses 2012 and that embrace UWA’s Educational Principles. They focus on the practices of teaching and learning across undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Each of the statements begins with a vision and then outlines what the vision means from the perspective of both UWA staff and students.

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Updated 23 Oct 2015

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Updated 23 Oct 2015

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