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Staff are encouraged to contact the nominated ‘Contact Position’ detailed at the bottom of each individual University Policy where policy-specific information is required. 

For general academic policy related queries, contact the Academic Secretary.


University Policies are statements of principles which are mandatory, govern decision-making, and which are binding on all staff and students of the University.

University Policies are accompanied by appropriate procedures, which are the functional steps used to implement the policy.

University Policies are approved, amended or rescinded by the Senate, Academic Board/Council, Vice-Chancellor or other members of the Executive to whom the Vice-Chancellor has delegated responsibility for a particular portfolio.

With regard to the education portfolio, academic-related policies are approved by the Academic Board/Council and provide the parameters for the student life-cycle from admission to graduation.

Find a PolicyFind a Policy

All University Policies are accessible from the University’s Governance website and can be located alphabetically according to their full name or title. Additionally, University Policies can be located by function and operational area. Academic-related policies are generally located under the ‘Student Administration’ or ‘Teaching and Learning’ categories.

Write a PolciyWrite a Policy

Writing, reviewing and amending University Policy is the responsibility of the operational area and Executive portfolio holder. The University Secretariat manages and coordinates academic-related policy on behalf of the Academic Board/Council and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education).

GovernanceUniversity Governance

The operation of the University is governed by a range of Commonwealth and State legislation and by the University’s Acts, Statutes, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations as well as by University Policies. More information is available from the University’s Governance website.

Good practice guides

Good practice guides are, in contrast to University Policy, not mandated but aspirational and intended to encourage University staff and students to work towards better practice at the University-wide level.

Good practice guides are a resource developed, approved and disseminated at the local level and located across the University’s website. Education-related good practice guides, where available, are located on the Learning and Teaching Resources site.