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This information should be read before preparing a new proposal for introducing a new postgraduate coursework course.

The University offers its graduates and those from other institutions a diverse range of exciting opportunities for postgraduate study by coursework. Postgraduate coursework studies, which may include, but are not limited to the following, are aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) requirements:

AQF Level AQF course type UWA Postgraduate Coursework course types


Graduate Certificate Graduate Certificate
Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma


Master's (coursework) Master's degree course by coursework
Master's degree course by coursework and dissertation
Professional Practice Masters (e.g. Master of Professional Engineering)
Master's (Extended)   Master's degree course (Extended) (e.g. Master of Psychology (extended))

Professional Practice Master's (Extended) (such as Juris Doctor, Doctor of Medicine)

Clinincal Master's (Extended) (such as Doctor of Clinical Dentistry)

Master's (Research) Master's degree course by thesis and coursework

What do I need to do?


Essential reading material


The development of a new postgraduate coursework course proposal will involve two phases. This involves the preparation of a Strategic Case and the development of an Academic Proposal. Both phases can be developed concurrently, but are approved simultaneously.  It is recommended that they be submitted at the same time. 


Resourcing Case


Academic Proposal


Development of Resourcing Case by School (Demand assessment/Resourcing assessment), where relevant in CAIDi


Developed in CAIDi by School


School endorsement


School endorsement


Submission of Resourcing Case in CAIDi

Submit Academic Proposal


Resourcing Case approved by Services Advisory Committee and referred  to University Curriculum Committee for information


Academic Proposal endorsed by University Curriculum Committee




 Approved by Academic Board/Council 


Academic Proposal and Resourcing case forms are available on CAIDi. Links to relevant policy and guidance documents are included in all proposal forms. Getting started with Curriculum Management provides more information.


When do I need to submit?

Submit your proposal as early as possible.

Benefits of early submission

Early submissions take full advantage of international and domestic marketing opportunities. For more details see critical dates for curriculum approval.

Do school submission dates differ from central submission dates?

Yes. When developing your proposal, consider internal approval processes and timings.

Is there flexibility in submitting proposals?

You are invited to submit your proposal any time, however to guarantee approval for 2023 offerings, proposals have to be received by the latest recommended date.

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