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Late (unplanned) change

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Late (unplanned) change processes have been put in place to allow for the speedy approval of urgent change requests.

These necessary changes, outside of the ordinary change processes and timelines, are required to resolve enrolment issues or make other unplanned changes to approved units and courses published in the current handbook. This process is applicable for both UWA Courses and pre-2012 units.

Fast-track changes are minor changes to units to resolve enrolment issues or correct Handbook information, open during the standard enrolment periods before each semester.

Unforeseen circumstances changes are necessary changes to any field at any time, depending on stakeholder, system and process requirements and requiring detailed justifications from the Faculty.


The fast-track process applies to urgent minor changes to units which will have no impact on students. It is opened twice a year: November to February for urgent changes for Semester 1 units and June to August for urgent changes for Semester 2 units.

General Principle

According to UP11/46 University Policy on: Changes to Units 1.1, changes to units must only be made where there are sound academic or administrative reasons. They should ensure:

  1. that potential impact on students is minimised
  2. high standards of teaching
  3. efficient delivery of academic teaching
  4. compliance with relevant legislation.

Likely fast-track change requests for units

  • Unit prerequisite, corequisite and incompatibility changes
  • Contact hours
  • Unit coordinator
  • Advisable prior study
  • Textbooks and handbook notes

How to submit a fast-track change request?

Unforeseen circumstances

This process applies to urgent (major) changes to units and courses with impact on students. If an urgent change is required due to unforeseen circumstances, contact your school for the relevant processes. Curriculum Officers should submit an unforeseen circumstances request via CAIDi on the 'Changes' tab, under 'Changes due to unforeseen circumstances'.  A detailed justification needs to be provided, and should include the following:

  • details of the changes to be made
  • rationale for the change to be made, including justification for late approval of change
  • description of any impact on the course and/or student progression
  • confirmation that the school will be responsible for advising all students enrolled in the unit of the late change

Your request will be assessed by the relevant Executive Officer and the field for change will be opened as a fast-track in CAIDi. Requests will be considered based on, for example, the timing of the change, the fields changed, appropriate governance and approvals, and possible consequences on stakeholders and timelines.

Approval of late change

Required faculty approval information

Valid approval information includes a school resolution number or, in most cases, the approval of the Head of School or other delegated authority.

Approving change requests

It is intended that late change requests will be actioned as soon as they are received and a response will be sent to the school and the relevant stakeholders as quickly as possible.

Late change effective date

  • Changes are effective immediately (as of the date of approval rather than as of 1 January next year, as it is in annual change).
  • Late changes apply indefinitely, unless there is an approved annual change for the same field. In this case, annual change will supersede fast-tracked change on the 1st January next year.
  • If the requested change is only required for one teaching period (Semester 1), submit another request in Semester 2 to reverse the change.