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Critical dates for curriculum approval

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This page lists the most pertinent critical dates by which curriculum has to be approved, taking into account all stakeholder deadlines, both internal and external to UWA. 


Latest approval date

Impact of missing date

International marketing for new courses and majors

Approval by November for offering in the year after next (therefore, November 2021 for offering in 2023)

  • CRICOS registration required first.
  • Promotional opportunities missed.

Domestic marketing

Approval by March for offering in the following year

  • Promotional opportunities missed.

TISC publication

Approval by March for offering in the following year

  • Inaccurate/incomplete information provided.
  • Promotional opportunities missed – in particular in attracting the top school leavers to UWA.

DIISRTE reporting (course level)

Approval by June (new award) or July for offering in the following year to meet reporting deadline of 1 August.

  • Insufficient time to prepare reportable data.
  • Inaccurate/incomplete information reported.
  • If the University breaches DIISRTE requirements a penalty may be incurred.


Approval by August for offering in the following year


  • Insufficient time to prepare Callista for re-enrolments (early November) and enrolments.
NOTE: Ministerial approval will still be required for proposed variations that will disadvantage students.