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In accordance with relevant University Policies, curriculum maps are required for all curriculum (including minors, majors, honours specialisation and postgraduate coursework courses).

The sequence of units (core/options) must demonstrate developmental progression by way of mapping their learning outcomes to those of the minor/major/honours specialisation or postgraduate coursework course.

Reasons for mapping

To demonstrate how:

  1. a student develops the discipline’s knowledge, skills and dispositions and how they are taught and assessed
  2. the requirements of UWA’s courses including communication skills, research skills and embedding educational principles, are met

When the mapping document should be developed

A mapping document should be formulated as part of the development of a new proposal.

Rationale for different curriculum mapping models

Choices will depend on the structural configuration. These are as follows:

  1. A simple mapping model should be used if the academic development and sequential building of knowledge occurs through core units (at least one core at each level) – see Model A.
  2. Where a major comprises a large number of options and a student has more than one pathway to achieving the overall outcomes of the major, the mapping should be undertaken not only for the major as a whole but also at each level by way of mapping the outcomes of the options to the generic discipline-based outcomes at each level – see Model B.

Circumstances in which the mapping document requires updating

Continuous mapping ensures integrity of outcomes. Specifically, the mapping document should be updated when there are:

  1. Changes to the outcomes
  2. Changes to the structure resulting in the:
    1. replacement of core units with a new core
    2. removal of core units and replacing them with options and consequently widening prerequisites
    3. inclusion of new options and consequently widening prerequisites
  3. Changes to the unit sequence. These include:
    1. changes to unit prerequisites by way of widening prerequisites (for example, any level 2 unit)
    2. changes to the outcomes of a core within a unit sequence comprising at least one core at each level
    3. changes to the outcome of an option within a unit sequence comprising only options

Mapping document ownership

Each school owns its mapping documents and must ensure they are updated accordingly.

Previously mapping document were stored on a SharePoint site, but these can now be developed inside CAIDi.

Curriculum Committee and/or other relevant boards will review the mapping documents when new proposals are submitted and/or when significant changes have occurred.