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Welcome to CAIDi


This appears to be the first time you've logged in to CAIDi, UWA's curriculum management system, for some time - welcome!

CAIDi, the online Curriculum Approvals and Information Database, handles both new curriculum (units, majors, honours and postgraduate coursework courses) and changes to that curriculum. New curriculum is drafted by the proposer, submitted by the Faculty after relevant Faculty approval, and then approved through the central committee process. Changes work the same way, but with different approval processes based on the type of change.

If you're new to curriculum management entirely, please contact your Faculty's curriculum team and/or visit the Curriculum Management website for more information.

CAIDi help

If you run into any issues, keep an eye out for the help icons, or please contact [email protected] for assistance.


If you find yourself unable to do what you expected, check what permissions you have, as these determine what you can do to what. You can see what permissions you have by going to your settings. If you need more permissions, contact your faculty curriculum team.

Where do I start?

Go to the homepage to get a feel for the system. Searching is the quickest way to find the curriculum you would like to view, draft or change.