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CAIDi Advice Sheet: Quality assurance

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CAIDi (Curriculum Approvals Information Database online) is a UWA-developed curriculum management system that is used for developing, changing, approving and managing curriculum information.

Who is this advice sheet for?

This advice sheet is designed to assist Faculty Curriculum Officers in quality control of the proposal submitted via CAIDi.

Why is quality assurance important?

Quality of the submission is the responsibility of the proposing faculty. The central Curriculum Management Team cannot edit submitted proposals.

approvals Information submitted to the central team is presented to the relevant board for approval. Omission of important data may result in the proposal being rejected or significantly delayed. 
delays Errors in the proposals may result in delays in approval process. In some cases error in submission can only be rectified in the next annual change process.
publishing Once approved, the course/unit information is widely shared among various stakeholders (such as Publications, Marketing and Communications and Admissions) and eventually published. Proposers should be constantly reminded that the data cannot be merely informative, but must also be reader-friendly. This should be true of both new and change proposals.

Steps to consider before submitting a proposal

  • Make sure the proposal is in line with relevant policy.
  • Use the spell check.
  • Produce the unit/course CAIDi report for proof-reading.
  • Always provide correct approval details and link to the minutes
  • While drafting rules use 'Drafting Cycle II Course Rules - Best Practice Guide'.
  • Submit only one unit proposal per unit! For example, if a unit is shared across an honours specialisation and a PG course, the unit should only be submitted once.
  • Ensure consistency of unit titles on all documents provided (such as the proposal form and the Faculty Board minutes).
  • Use CAIDi report for creating agenda.
  • Do not use the description of non-standard teaching periods for comments.
  • Use the check validity function located at the bottom right corner of your screen to check your form.

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