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CAIDi Advice Sheet: Approvals

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CAIDi (Curriculum Approvals Information Database online) is a UWA-developed curriculum management system that is used for developing, chaning, approving and managing curriculum information.

Who is this advice sheet for?

This advice sheet is for curriculum proposers and Faculty Curriculum Officers. It outlines what happens after a new or change proposal has been submitted via CAIDi.

What happens to my proposal after submission?

The flowchart below illustrates the process of submission approvals:

After submission process flow chart

What happens when my proposal is approved?

  • If no further revision is required, the proposal will be presented to the relevant board for approval.
  • An email alert will inform you and the relevant stakeholders that the proposal has been approved.

What happens if my proposal requires further revisions?

  • If further revision is required, feedback is given and alerts are sent to multiple recipients: curriculum mailboxes, curriculum proposers and anyone who has edited the proposal.
  • Note: any user with 'edit drafted' permission to the proposal can respond to the feedback, but only a user with 'submit' permission can submit revisions and response to feedback for consideration.
  • Coordinate within your faculty who is responsible for responding to the feedback!

Responding to feedback

Click on the summary page (see an example below) included in the email alert.

Summary Page

Having read the feedback, a faculty can take the following actions in response

  1. Make revisions to the proposal form and click on 'Back to feedback' on the top of the form
  2. Respond directly by clicking the 'New feedback response' button; or
  3. Both.
  • Having completed your revisions click on request feedback button button.
  • Your submission will be forwarded to the faculty officer, who will submit your response.
  • Feedback will be marked as 'resolved' or further feedback will be added if required. If no further revision is needed, proposal will be presented to the relevant board for approval.

Web browser compatibility

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Although CAIDi performs well in Internet Explorer, the use of Chrome, Firefox or Safari is recommended. At UWA contact your local IT support to gain access to them.