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CAIDi (Curriculum Approvals Information Database online) is UWA's self-developed curriculum management system which is used for managing, approving and changing curriculum information.

About advice sheets

The advice sheets cover a range of areas relevant to curriculum management. They provide practical support and guidance on how the curriculum matters are managed in CAIDi, offer tips on how to use CAIDi efficiently and describe the different types of processes.

This information is intended to assist faculty users and other stakeholders who are developing, changing and/or promoting curriculum. However, they can be used by anyone at UWA with an interest in curriculum data about units, majors, honours or postgraduate coursework courses.

Advice sheets

These short advice sheets are designed to clarify CAIDi processes:

  1. Basics of searching (how to find your curriculum in CAIDi)
  2. Permissions (permissions determine what a user can and cannot do in CAIDi)
  3. Manage permissions (managing user roles and access in CAIDi)
  4. Creating a proposal (new curriculum proposals in CAIDi)
  5. Fast-track change (making and submitting fast-track changes in CAIDi)
  6. Quality assurance (quality control of the proposal)
  7. Approvals (What happens to my proposal after submission?)
  8. Adding users to proposal forms (how to add users to proposal forms to allow them to edit)
  9. Copying an existing item (copying an existing curriculum item as a new proposal)
  10. Adding and changing unit availability (managing a unit's different teaching periods, modes and locations)
  11. Reporting and exporting (search and export the curriculum data you need)
  12. Curriculum summary and history (quick information about curriculum items and their approvals)
  13. Preparing agenda items (different types of reports for preparing an agenda)
  14. Handbook editing guide (for editors of the Handbook)
  15. Manage changes due to unforeseen circumstances in CAIDi

Web browser compatibility

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Although CAIDi performs well in Internet Explorer, the use of Chrome, Firefox or Safari is recommended. At UWA contact your local IT support to gain access to them.