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Assessment at UWA


Assessment inevitably shapes learning processes. What students learn and how they learn should reflect closely the purposes and aims of the course of study. Teaching practices should be designed to engage, challenge and transform students throughout their courses. Assessment drives and focuses student learning and, as such, is a critical component of the learning experience and the way teaching activities are designed for a unit of work.

Policy and Procedures

The University Policy on Assessment  sets out the principles that govern the approach and management of formal assessment for coursework students within the University.

The policy comprises the following parts:

Part 1: University Standards for Assessment
Part 2: Governance of Assessment Standards
Part 3: Academic Provisions for Coursework Units
Part 4: Examinations
Part 5: Grading System 

See the index for a quick search on specific sections or clauses of the policy.  Procedures are embedded within the policy.

2018 Review of Assessment Methods

In 2018 the University's Education Committee established a Working Party convened by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education), Professor Peter J. Dean, to review the University Policy on Assessment and assessment practices at UWA with a view to aligning them with the requirements of TEQSA's Higher Education Standards Framework (see Terms of Reference).

To this end, the Working Party has developed the following: 

  • An interim report with key observations and findings. This report was presented at the meeting of the Academic Board on 20 June 2018 (see Interim Report).
  • Policy Revisions Log with proposed changes to the University Policy on Assessment. This is now ready for University-wide consultations (see Policy Revisions Log).

Stakeholder Consultations

The following stakeholder consultations have been scheduled: 

Session No:

ConsultationDate, Time & Venue


Academic and Professional staff consultationMonday 16 July (9am-10am), EDFAA Library Teaching Room


Academic and Professional staff consultation Monday 16 July (11am-12pm), J Robin Warren Library Seminar Room


Academic and Professional staff consultationWednesday 18 July (9am-10am), Arts Lecture Room 9


Academic and Professional staff consultation Wednesday 18 July (11am-12pm), Billings Room


Academic and Professional staff consultationWednesday 18 July (2:30pm-3:30pm), Barry J Marshall Library Jean Kahan Meeting Room


Academic Board consultationThursday 2 August (1pm-2:30pm), Gentilli Lecture Theatre


Student Matters and Procedures Group (Professional Staff)Monday 30 July (11am-12:30pm), Senate Room