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Annual change - pre-2012 course rules and units

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The following instructions are intended to guide the user through the annual change process for pre-2012 course rules (including combined course rules) and units.

Changes to pre-2012 course rules

  • Extracts of rules will be provided to schools upon request, when changes are considered essential. 
  • Schools wishing to amend the rules for a combined course offered by more than one school must consult with, and obtain the approval of, the other school concerned before submitting the changes.
  • Changes to the details of (pre-2012) course overview are made in liaison with Digital and Creative Services.
  • Schools must ensure only units that have been approved are reflected in unit tables.

Changes to units

Changes to the details of pre-2012 units are made via CAIDi (UWA's online curriculum management system).

Proposing a new unit

  • A proposal for a new unit that is to be offered in both UWA Courses and a pre-2012 course must be submitted via CAIDi as part of annual change process.
  • A proposal for a unit that is to be offered only in a pre-2012 course must follow the process for special unit.

Adding an approved unit to a course

  • To add an approved unit to a pre-2012 course, a school must include the unit in the relevant unit table(s) and amend the course structure(s) in the relevant pre-2012 undergraduate course rules

Rescissions of pre-2012 courses and units

  • Schools can rescind a pre-2012 course, where this has been taught out and no students remain to re-enrol, via CAIDi.
  • Before rescinding a unit offered in pre-2012 course(s), schools should assess the impact on the course(s) in which the unit is offered.
  • Schools are required to consult with all other schools offering courses (or components of courses, in the case of combined courses) in which the unit is offered.
  • All schools whose courses are affected by a unit rescission must make consequential changes to relevant unit tables and course structures, if appropriate, the relevant course rules.


  • Schools have the responsibility for the creation, amendment and accuracy of all tables of pre-2012 units and rules. Schools should undertake a quality check before submitting changes
  • Each change to the course rules and units (including rescissions) must be approved by the relevant school or delegated authority. The resolution number and weblink (URL) to the minutes of the meeting must be included in email accompanying returned rules. In the case of combined courses approval details are required from all affected schools.
  • Changes to course rules must be submitted to [email protected] by the end of April.
  • Course rescissions must be submitted via CAIDi by the end of April.