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Advice on University-wide matters relating to the quality of education at the University of Western Australia, including the student learning experience, is provided by a number of education-related committees

A review of the education-related committees was undertaken in late 2014, with a view to achieving more effective governance within the portfolio. The review resulted in the rationalisation of 11 committees to three.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is a standing committee of the Academic Council. Its role is to advise and make recommendations to the Academic Council and/or other University bodies or officers, as appropriate, on related policy and strategic matters. The Education Committee oversees the following standing committee.

Find a PolicyCurriculum Committee

The role of the Curriculum Committee is to make recommendations to the Academic Council on proposals submitted for the introduction of new curriculum offerings and the approval of major changes to approved curriculum. The Committee also advises and makes recommendations to the Education Committee on related policy and strategic matters.

Submitting an item for the agenda

If you have any agenda items, or queries, contact the Academic Secretary.