Education at UWA

Student partnerships

The University of Western Australia works to gather student feedback in formal and informal ways in order to improve the UWA education experience.

UWA has a long history of consultation and productive student involvement in decision-making, service improvement and the initiation of new projects. Our students are represented on University Boards and committees, participate in a number of regular internal and external surveys and provide insight and suggestions for innovation in a variety of other ways. The University takes both the principle and the practice of student input very seriously and seeks a collaborative partnership with students.  

The UWA Student Guild plays a pivotal role in student consultation and representation at UWA. Since 1913, the Guild has been led by students to provide advocacy for members, a community for all students and partnerships with the University. 

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Student surveys at UWA

Formal student feedback is gathered through an annual schedule of surveys administered to undergraduate, postgraduate, domestic and international students at UWA in relation to satisfaction with services, feedback on teaching, and the student experience. Surveys are a key mechanism by which the University gauges current students’ and graduates’ perspectives on their experience at UWA, from first-year orientation to employment after graduation.


  Survey is administered to users
Survey J  F  M  A  M  J  J  A  S  O  N Contact
UWA Enrolment and Orientation Survey
                Student Services
UWA IT Benchmarking survey

                  External to UWA (Systems Thinking)
UWA Library survey

External to UWA (Insynch)
First Year Experience Questionnaire


External to UWA (CSHE)
UWA NODE survey

Student Services
Study Abroad Students Survey

Internal to UWA (IC and IRU)
Postgraduate Exit Survey
Throughout the year (depending on student’s exit date)
Graduate Research School
* Every four years, next due in 2019


  Survey is administered to users
Survey J  F  M  A  M  J  J  A  S  O  N Contact
UWA Student Perceptions Of Teaching (SPOT) survey
            Student Services
UWA Students’ Unit Reflective Feedback (SURF) surveys

          External to UWA (Systems Thinking)
On Supervision, Candidature and Research (OSCAR) surveys

Graduate Research School

National and international benchmarking

  Survey is administered to users
Survey J  F  M  A  M  J  J  A  S  O  N Contact
University Experience Survey (UES)
          External to UWA (Grad Careers Australia with Social Research Centre)
Australian Graduate Survey

      External to UWA (Graduate Careers Australia)
International Student Barometer

External to UWA (i-Graduate)

Closing the loop

Results of UWA surveys are used to improve the quality of resources and services offered to students. It is also critical that changes made in response to student feedback are clearly and routinely communicated to the student body. Staff are encouraged to ensure that student feedback is used to inform and develop programs and services both inside and outside the classroom. The University aims to be transparent in ‘closing the loop’ with students who give us feedback by informing them of changes that have been made.

One way that responses to student feedback are communicated directly to students is through the ‘You Asked, We Did’ project on the UWA Students Facebook page. Students both hear their feedback (‘You asked’) and learn what changes were made as a result (‘We did’).

Student engagement via UWA committee membership

UWA students are represented on University-level Committees via the inclusion of the Guild President and/or the President of the Postgraduate Students Association (PSA) in an ex-officio capacity. Students are also involved in committee and working party membership at the faculty, school and discipline level. Student representation occurs on the following University-level committees: