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Incidental student fees and charges





Further Information

If staff have any queries regarding incidental student fees and charges, contact the Chair of your Faculty Reference Group.

New fees and charges proforma

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The following documents may assist in determining whether a fee or charge can be levied for goods or services

Incidental student fees and charges are costs incurred by students as part of their studies at UWA that are in addition to their tuition fees.


Incidental fees and charges incurred by students are governed by the Higher Education Support Act and implemented at the University in accordance with the UWA Policy on Incidental Student Fees and Charges.

In accordance with this policy:

  • new or amended incidental fees for 2018 must be submitted via the Faculty Reference Group by 11th September 2017
  • incidental fees cannot be levied on students prior to approval by the Faculty Dean and the Dean of Coursework Studies


A student, or group of students, who considers that they have incurred an incidental fee contrary to the Higher Education Support Act and University Policy should register a complaint in accordance with Clause 6 in the University Policy on Incidental Student Fees and Charges