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UWA Summer School Scholarship Opportunity for Unit Coordinators 2017/2018 

UWA Summer SchoolBeginning summer 2017/2018, a new and more comprehensive Summer School will commence at UWA.

For students, UWA Summer School will provide an improved experience with options to accelerate, make up or spread the load of their studies and provide flexibility in study plans.

For staff and faculties, UWA Summer School offers flexibility and innovation in teaching for academic staff, and greater utilisation of the University's teaching resources and facilities. It also provides the opportunity to offer broadening and elective units, and to increase reach (students from other universities, and study abroad students).

Summer School dates

Summer School is a teaching period during the summer vacation. Teaching for a summer school unit may commence at any time during the official period of summer school teaching block which is from the first week in December of the previous year to the last week in January of the current year.

The span of active teaching for a summer school unit during this period is six weeks, or equivalent for units taught in intensive mode. No lectures are held on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day or Australia Day. If any of these days fall on a weekend, no lectures are held on the related Public holiday Monday.

Summer school examinations are held for an additional week in the first week of February each year.

Guiding principles for selection of units

Faculties will select units to teach in the UWA Summer School based on the following principles. The selection of units will also take into consideration faculty contextual factors; for example, the nature of the faculty courses and the faculty level strategic goals.

Operational principles
Pedagogical principles

The guiding operational principles for selection of Summer School units:

  • Units with high demand/high enrolment and with a high margin
  • Units that will facilitate students' ability to accelerate, progress, catch up or spread their course load
  • Units that will be attractive to international students, to students from other universities and to high school students as a 'taster' unit
  • Units with high potential for contribution to formal continuing professional development
  • Units that will improve asset utilisation

The guiding pedagogical principles for selection of Summer School units:

  • Units that can readily be modified to intensive mode teaching
  • Demonstrated high quality pedagogy and digital presence
  • Compliant with UWA's Assessment Policy
  • High levels of student satisfaction (SURF/SPOT)

Summer School unit learning design and scholarship opportunity

UWA Summer School reflects the University's strategic intentions of distinction and excellence in education. UWA Summer School units provide a premium educational experience with topics or experiences distinctive to the UWA academic brand.

To ensure the success of these units, it is essential that all Summer School units undertake the Carpe Diem redesign process for the unit proposed for summer school, regardless of whether or not it has been through Carpe Diem previously. Going through this process will help Unit Coordinators achieve both the essential learning redesign for teaching period changes and support them to maximise the use of the learning technologies for student engagement.

To enable this essential component of Summer School, up to 20 scholarships of $10,000 will be available in 2017 for Unit Coordinators or disciplinary groups to develop their units into a premium design deliverable within a six-week teaching period over summer.

  1. Please see Achieving student engagement, learning and satisfaction through the UWA Summer School document for the rationale and suggested options.
  2. Please apply immediately if you are interested, consulting directly with your Faculty Associate Dean Learning and Teaching and your Head of School. Apply now.
  3. Selection will be made on a rolling basis to enable rapid starts on design, development and recruitment of students.