Staff profiles

Project lead
Dr Hessom Razavi
Ophthalmology teaching coordinator
Centre for Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
Team member
Sanjay Ramanathan

Project outline

'Eyeballs made easy' is a pilot of a new, interactive e-learning program, which uses an online platform and digital technology to enhance, diversify and sustain the teaching, learning and assessment of ophthalmology for medical students at UWA. The project proposes to design and create an e-learning website for medical students, integrated into their existing online Learning Management System (LMS) with an accompanying app, accessible on tablet and smartphone. Content will be created consisting of a channel of short learning modules, interactive videos, quizzes, cases, simulations and demos, to demonstrate and assess competencies in eye care.

The 'Eyeballs made Easy' program will complement existing teaching in the skills and knowledge of eye care. A need frequently expressed by medical students themselves, since ophthalmology only accounts for one week of their four-year curriculum. Providing an engaging online program will make this niche topic more accessible, allow the 'flipped classroom' model of learning and enhance students' confidence in managing patients with eye problems. In addition, involving students in the creation of online content, videos, interviews, cartoons and other media will develop their capacity for digital authorship and health advocacy. Furthermore, involving real patients will expose students to the personal experiences of blindness and visual impairment in our community.

The project plans to incorporate on-the-run assessment, using programs such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. Evaluation of the project will be done by measuring student perceptions and academic performance, with results disseminated by publication and other means.

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