The University of Western Australia's Learning Management System uses Blackboard software.

The Learning Management System (LMS):

  • is a fully integrated web-based teaching and learning environment
  • supports the online delivery and administration of resources, communication, collaboration and assessment
  • is a secure, password-protected system available to all current UWA staff and students
  • is available online anywhere, anytime

Getting started

To log in to the LMS


Your UWA Person ID and an active Pheme account is required to log in.

How to find your LMS units

Once you have logged in to the LMS, click on the Units tab at the top of the page. You will then be shown the list of units that you are enrolled in.

If you cannot find a particular teaching unit within your unit list, you may not be enrolled.

To submit a request for LMS unit enrolment, unit coordinators will need to complete the online request form.

LMS support and training

The Centre for Education Futures supports UWA staff in the use of the LMS through:


Go to the Blackboard Staff LMS Help tab for how-to guides and videos.

If you can't find the answer to your query, email the eLearning Helpdesk.

Unit content

How do I set up an assignment within my LMS unit?

Instructions for setting up assignments within the Blackboard LMS are available on the Immediate Support page.

Blackboard offers extended options for assignments including peer and group, online marking, anonymous grading and marking delegation. 

Can I import archived lectures?

All LCS content remains as is in the Lecture Capture System ? archived and presently active ? and will be available for linking into Blackboard units. Should you wish to use archived LCS content in Blackboard, email the eLearning Helpdesk. Lecture recordings are archived for two years only.

What is the best way to link to my unit outline in UIMS?

You can add it as a web link in your unit's left-hand navigation menu or you can add it as a web link anywhere in your unit. There is a step-by-step walk-through of this process [PDF 465.68 kB] in the Staff LMS Help tab in Blackboard.

Where do I access copyright-free images to use in my unit?

The University Library has prepared a comprehensive subject guide on copyright for teaching. It includes a section on finding open access materials.


Are Class Allocation System (CAS) groups available in Blackboard?

Yes. Integration with the Class Allocation System (CAS) is available in the Blackboard environment. CAS groups appear under the 'Group Lists' section within a LMS unit. During the CAS period for both Semester 1 and Semester 2, the CAS groups are updated every 24 hours.

What is the relationship between CAIDi and the LMS transition?

LMS draws information from Callista, which is in turn provided with approved curriculum data from CAIDi. In accordance with University Governance, data in Callista requires appropriate approvals prior to enrolment by students. Unit change requests will continue to be processed via CAIDi.

Some offshore units have different coordinators from the Perth version or are co-coordinated. If there can only be one unit coordinator access, what is the next level and does it give similar control?

Each Blackboard unit for the different locations has its own unit coordinator. A unit coordinator can also assign an individual to a role of 'Teaching Staff'. This will give those individual very similar rights to the unit coordinator to carry out management of the unit.

It is recommended to only have a single unit coordinator for reporting purposes and integration with Blackboard Collaborate. A unit can support multiple unit coordinators but it is recommended to keep the number to a minimum. Saying that, the role of 'Teaching Staff' has the same editing and marking functionality as 'Unit Coordinator'.

What is the best role for a unit administrator in LMS (professional staff) to be given in Blackboard?

The best role is teaching staff if they need access to the Grade Centre and unit builder if they don't.

As a unit coordinator how do I 'enrol' additional teaching staff?

Unit coordinators have the authority to enrol additional teaching staff in their LMS unit. Easy to follow instructions are available from the Staff LMS Help tab in Blackboard.

Can students be manually added in to units by unit coordinators or will it only feed directly from Callista?

For all Callista-based units the students will be automatically populated to the unit. For units where the students are not Callista-based (such as Summer School, CELT), students can be added in manually. Check with the eLearning Helpdesk if you have any queries.

What will be the process for reusing unit content year to year?

In September of each year, the units for the following calendar year are created in Callista and automatically synchronised to Blackboard as unit shells.

Faculty-based administrators will add unit coordinators to unit shells using the business process of the faculty or school in assigning unit co-ordinators and teaching staff.

Units will be 'Archived' after the teaching period is complete. Blackboard Learn 'Archiving' is a snapshot of the unit and the students result at that time. These archives will be stored separately for the requisite seven (7) years.

The unit will remain on the system but unavailable for student access (available to teaching staff) for three semesters (this is under review) before being purged from the system ? the archive can be restored with student data from secure store within three weeks.

Can non-UWA employees and guest accounts still be added as users in Blackboard? (For example, many offshore tutors who aren't employed by UWA directly but teach our units.)

Access to LMS and all UWA learning systems is controlled by Pheme. Access to all UWA networks and systems requires the users to agree to all UWA BITS policies. UWA has a special Pheme access program for non-UWA employees and students. Please apply to BITS for a Pheme account. Once a Pheme account has been obtained, guest users can be enrolled into a unit with a Guest role.

What about units that on a two-year cycle (they are only used every two years)?

They are treated exactly the same as any other unit. Callista makes them as part of the upcoming units. In the future, the units should be available in Blackboard under the three semesters before purging or be retrievable from archive.


How can students get help with the LMS?

Students can get help with LMS at any of the information desks in the libraries and through AskUWA. They can also find resources on the Student LMS Help tab in Blackboard.

What should I do if I'm prompted to sign in when opening files from the LMS using Internet Explorer?

In Internet Explorer, you may receive a Windows prompt to enter your credentials when attempting to open files including Word documents and PowerPoint files. You can simply click the Cancel button twice and the file will open.

In some cases, Internet Explorer may appear to freeze when in fact the Windows credentials prompt is awaiting input from the user. The prompt will be hidden behind the browser window. You will need to either Alt-Tab to show the prompt OR you can minimise the Internet Explorer window to reveal the prompt.

Note: It is best to disable pop-up blockers when working with the LMS, as some learning materials may be set up to open in a new window.

We recommend that Blackboard is used with Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Can I upload an avatar or profile picture?

You can upload an avatar or profile picture for Learning Networks (Blackboard Social Tool).

Why have the scroll bars disappeared on my Mac when using LMS?

On Mac OS laptops, sometimes the vertical and horizontal scroll bars for some objects within LMS (and other applications) disappear. Follow the steps here to make the scroll bars appear permanently.

Do the copy and paste functions in my browser work in Blackboard?

In Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome, the cut, copy and paste functions from right-clicking the mouse cannot be used. The copy and paste buttons within Blackboard's text editor may not work either. Instead, in these browsers, the keyboard shortcuts can be used:

  • Cut: CTRL+x (Windows), Command+x (Mac)
  • Copy: CTRL+c (Windows), Command+c (Mac)
  • Paste: CTRL+v (Windows), Command+v (Mac)

However, in Internet Explorer you can right-click and use the toolbar functions to cut, copy and paste.

Does UWA have a Blackboard mobile app?

Yes, there is a Blackboard mobile app titled Bb Student which is available for free through the Google Play Store (Android devices) or the Apple Store (iOS devices).

If I delete something in my unit, will the eLearning Helpdesk be able to recover it?

Content items, such as Word documents and PDFs, are stored in the unit's content area, and items are put in the recycling bin for 30 days before permanently deleting then. However, Tools and Assessments are immediately and permanently deleted from the Unit content areas so be careful when deleting.

It is good practice to back up your unit before attempting major changes. To do this, click on the Export/Archive Unit link under 'Packages and Utilities' in your unit's Control Panel.

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