Capturing (recording) lectures for students to view enables flexibility in learning and teaching, both for student access to learning resources and student-focused approaches to teaching.

UWA provides two means by which lectures can be recorded: the Lecture Capture System (LCS) in lecture venues and the Personal Capture software (PCap) used at individual computers.

UWA's policy on lecture capture is available on the UWA Policy Webpage.

Lecture Capture System (LCS)

Lecture Capture image

The Lecture Capture System (LCS) is a system for capturing lectures (audio and projected visual) in selected venues and subsequently making them available via the Learning Management System (LMS). This method of capturing lectures is ideal for ongoing lecture series with minimal or no editing.

UWA's Lecture Capture System uses the EchoSystem software and is hosted by BITS. The Centre for Education Futures supports staff in the processes around lecture capture, while the system and integrations are maintained by BITS, including equipment in venues.

Personal Capture software (PCap)

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PCap software is provided free of charge for staff to download and use on individual computers. With this software the presenter can capture lectures in venues without EchoSystem facilities, or create presentations at their desk.

Once captured, presentations can be uploaded to UWA's Lecture Capture System (LCS), and students can access these materials just as they would any other captured lecture, ie via a block in an LMS unit.


For most materials presented in lectures, the University has in place copyright licence arrangements that cover the recording of such materials as part of a lecture. However, there are some exceptions to this and staff are advised to check the copyright agreements before using any external material in a lecture, regardless of whether it is being recorded.

The University Library has provided some information at:

For further copyright questions, please contact UWA's Senior Librarian (Copyright).

Known issues with copyright and the LCS include:

  • Commercial musical works: These can be captured, but can only be made available in a streaming format (downloading or copying of commercial musical works is strictly prohibited).
  • Pre-recorded or commercial video: This is not covered by an existing agreement, so it is therefore prohibited to capture this material as part of a recording.

The list is not exhaustive but covers known exceptions where material can be presented in a lecture under particular circumstances, but not recorded; staff are advised to check the University Library website for current information about copyright requirements.

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