Education at UWA

Learning and teaching at your faculty

Further information

If you would like further information, contact the Centre for Education Futures.

Learning and teaching at UWA is a joint responsibility between central administration, faculties and schools.

Whereas schools have operational responsibility for teaching, policy and governance issues are decided at the faculty and central level. Each faculty has an Associate Dean (or equivalent) responsible for its own learning and teaching. 


Assessment and Feedback Futures

The Centre for Education Futures supports the new University policy on assessment and feedback.



Zenith Project

The Zenith Project led by the Centre for Education Futures is piloting Learning Analytics as a means of improving learning and teaching for students and staff at UWA.


Sessional teaching staff

The Centre for Education Futures provides online resources to support sessional teaching staff working at UWA.


Customised Workshops

In at the deep end - starting to teach in higher education

For those new to teaching, UWA has licensed an excellent resource, authored by Emeritus Professional Phil Race, titled In at the Deep End: Starting to Teaching in Higher Education. This booklet provides guidance on preparing and delivering lectures, running tutorials and laboratories, and managing assessment and feedback.


Checklist for new teaching staff

For new teaching staff, consider following the checklist of activites for you to do in preparation for your teaching, for your first day class/tutorial, and in every class.