Announcements (Thursday, 15 June 2017)

    Futures Enthusiasts Meet-Up (FEMU)

    Featuring a presentation from Professor Gilly Salmon, Centre for Education Futures

    Ruby and Gilly imageDate: Wednesday, 28 June 2017

    Time: 4:00pm to 5:00pm

    Venue: Futures Observatory, Hackett Hall

    Format: Short presentation followed by a networking session

    An opportunity to explore the latest technologies in the Futures Observatory and network with other Futures Enthusiasts!

    Come along to the FEMU event for the month of June to hear the latest from Professor Gilly Salmon, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education Innovation) on Education 3.0.

    This meet-up is also a chance for you to farewell Gilly before she leaves UWA in July for new ventures at the University of Liverpool.

    Mind the Gap: Advancing Digital Equity in Higher Education

    Presented by Liberty Cramer, Learning Technologist, Centre for Education Futures

    Digital Equity image Date: Monday, 3 July 2017

    Time: 1:00pm to 2:00pm

    Venue: Futures Observatory, Hackett Hall

    Format: Presentation

    Interested in learning about the concept of Digital Equity in Higher Education? Now is your chance!

    Flipped and blended classrooms, distance and mobile learning, and Open Educational Resources offer fantastic opportunities to advance our learning and teaching - but they are all dependent on our students’ (and teachers') access to technology.

    Digital Equity - the issue of unequal access to technology - was named one of the ‘Difficult Challenges’ in the NMC Horizon Report: 2017 Higher Education Edition.

    Join Learning Technologist Liberty Cramer in exploring these challenges in an Australian University context, and discuss strategies to advance Digital Equity.

    Fostering Student Academic Self-Efficacy and Learning Design with Learning Analytics at UWA: Key Findings from the Zenith Pilot Project

    Presented by Professor Gilly Salmon and Dr Melissa Cianfrini from the Centre for Education Futures

    Zentih event image Date: Wednesday, 12 July 2017

    Time: 2:00pm to 3:30pm

    Venue: Futures Observatory, Hackett Hall

    Format: Presentation followed by an afternoon tea

    Interested in hearing about the key findings from the Zenith Pilot Project? Now is your opportunity.

    The Centre for Education Futures recently initiated the Zenith Pilot Project, which adopted an innovative approach to enriching student success through learning analytics.

    The pilot measured, collected, analysed and provided individual reports to students to assist in increasing motivation, academic self-efficacy, satisfaction, and performance.

    The findings from this innovative approach to learning analytics will be discussed in-depth, accompanied by recommendations for further implementation.

    Transforming Teaching for Learning (TTL) Unit

    Next Series of TTL - Enrolments are Now Open. 

    The next series of TTL begins with Module 1 on Friday, 23 June 2017.

    TTL imageThis free and fully online professional development opportunity is open to both academic and professional staff associated with learning and teaching at UWA.

    Module 1 gives participants an opportunity to participate in an exemplary online learning experience built in the Learning Management System (LMS) and enables exploration of historical and current research in educational theory which has been described as “eye-opening” by past participants.


    Module 1 will also allow you to appreciate the changing nature of learning, teaching and assessment in Higher Education and reflect on your own role as a life-long learner.

    Further information can be found on the TTL website.

    The Media Room

    Video Recording Facilities for Your Teaching

    With Semester 2 on the horizon, do you need to create an introductory video welcoming students to your unit, short concept-based videos for a flipped classroom or totally online program, video demonstrations, or recorded interviews with industry leaders?

    If you answered "YES" then the Centre for Education Future's Media Room may be exactly the facility you need.

    The Media Room image The Media Room is a studio available free of charge to UWA teaching staff and offers a range of easy to use audio and video recording and editing technologies.

    The studio is located in Hackett Hall and is open between 9:00am and 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

    Use the new online Media Room Calendar to book your recording sessions.

    For any questions about the Media Room or creating educational videos, send an email to

    Alternative Assessments

    The University recently approved a revised policy on special consideration (UP11/23). One of the key policy changes from an assessment perspective is the introduction of an alternative assessment as a form of special consideration.

    Latest News image An Alternative Assessment (ALT-AS) takes any form other than a deferred exam or a supplementary exam, and is administered by the Unit Coordinator. This form of special consideration may be granted in an event where appropriate documentation is provided by the student for being unable to continue during an exam.

    FAQs have now been developed for the administration of Alternative Assessments.

    Any queries regarding Alternative Assessments should be directed to Di Regan-Roots, Senior Manager, Student Services.

    Assessment Changes for 2018

    Please ensure that assessment changes to your units for 2018 are entered into CAIDi as soon as possible.

    When updating your unit for 2018, please note that all 6-point units must have either 2 or 3 assessment items.

    Friendly Reminder image Some units waiting for approval in CAIDi for 2018 list an assessment item with multiple parts. Please be aware that these multiple parts must genuinely be tightly related tasks within the same assessment. For example, an assessment item described as 'Quizzes' can be made up of small weekly quizzes and an assessment item described as 'Exams' can comprise a mid-semester exam and an end-of-semester exam.

    An assessment item which is made up of unrelated multiple parts will not be approved in CAIDi. The volume of assessment in your unit may need to be reduced in line with the University Policy on Assessment

    If you require assistance redesigning your unit, you can register for:

    Contact us