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CAIDi Advice Sheet: Creating a proposal

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CAIDi (Curriculum Approvals Information Database online) is a UWA-developed curriculum management system that is used for developing, changing, approving and managing curriculum information.

Who is this advice sheet for?

This advice sheet is designed to provide curriculum developers with the basics they need to create a new curriculum proposal in CAIDi.

How do I access CAIDi?

  1. Go to:
  2. Log in with your usual Pheme staff number and password.
  3. For security reasons you must be connected to the UWA network to access CAIDi. If you are working externally, you can use UniConnect VPN Service provided by Business Information and Technology Services (BITS) to connect to the UWA network.
  4. Every staff member with a current Pheme password has 'read proposed and approved information' permission by default, allowing them to view information about proposed and approved curriculum.
  5. Refer to the CAIDi advice sheet on: Basics of searching for hints and tips on finding curriculum item.

What else do I need to start drafting a new curriculum proposal?

Before you can start drafting a new proposal you will need to request 'create new' permission, or be added to an existing drafted curriculum item.

Faculty permissions are managed by a Faculty Curriculum Officer or other designated faculty staff. Contact your faculty to seek relevant permission.

If you are being added to an existing draft proposal, anyone who currently has access to that proposal can add you via the 'Add user to form' button at the top of the proposal form. 

University policies and guidance documents on curriculum development

Links to relevant policy and guidance documents are included in all proposal forms. For more information visit the Policies and guidelines section of the website.

Proposal forms

Links to proposal forms are available from the left-hand side on CAIDi's home page:

proposal form image

To access an already drafted curriculum proposal, use the Search function to find the 'drafted' proposal by title or through other filters. At the top of the 'Summary' page for that item there will be an 'Edit form' button to access the form.

Submitting a new proposal for approval

Once you have completed and checked the proposal - click "Request faculty approval". The proposal will be managed through the Faculty approval/endorsement process and then submitted for University approval.

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Web browser compatibility

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Although CAIDi performs well in Internet Explorer, the use of Chrome, Firefox or Safari is recommended. At UWA contact your local IT support to gain access to them.