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CAIDi Advice Sheet: Preparing agenda items

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CAIDi (Curriculum Approvals Information Database online) is a UWA developed curriculum management system that is used for developing, changing, approving and managing curriculum information.

Who is this advice sheet for?

This advice sheet is designed to assist administrative staff in preparing agenda items using CAIDi reports. It describes the different types of reports that are available for governance and approval purposes.

CAIDi reports for preparing agenda items

Drafted proposals can be used while preparing agendas. By using CAIDi reports in the approval process, you will ensure accuracy of the curriculum data and minimise double-handling.

In a holistic approach, new course proposals should be processed as a package so that new units are approved in Phase 2 alongside the course rules and structure. 

How do I run a report for selected curriculum items?

  • From the Home screen, select the 'Search' tab to view the Search screen. Screen dynamically updates depending on your selection.
  • Report for the selected curriculum items will be available by clicking on the Report button:

reports tab

  • For further reporting options click on the summary button and select the reports tab as shown below.type of report
  • Narrow down your search by report type and/or date required.
  • Click on report  to generate a report.

What CAIDi reports are useful for creating an agenda item?

You can choose from a variety of reports depending on your requirements:

New proposals:

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Rules
  • Sequence

Curriculum mapping:

  • Mapping of outcomes to unit outcomes

For further information with writing minutes and agendas consider attending Executive Officer Training.

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Although CAIDi performs well in Internet Explorer, the use of Chrome, Firefox or Safari is recommended. At UWA contact your local IT support to gain access to them.