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CAIDi Advice Sheet: Copying an existing item

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CAIDi (Curriculum Approvals Information Database online) is a UWA-developed curriculum management system that is used for developing, changing, approving and managing curriculum information.

Who is this advice sheet for?

This advice sheet is designed to provide curriculum developers and Faculty Curriculum Officers with basic tips on copying an existing curriculum item.

Why would I want to copy an existing curriculum item?

You may copy existing curriculum items for the following reasons: 

  • to help you get started with a new proposal
  • to create a new special unit from existing special unit
  • to copy details of an archived unit (all curriculum items previously rescinded are archived on CAIDi)
  • to create an articulated sequence for postgraduate course 

WARNING! Be aware of the University Policy on: Duplication of Unit Content.

How to copy an existing curriculum item

From the Home screen, select the Search tab to find the relevant curriculum item:

copying an existing item 1

Click on the Summary icon next to the unit details:

summary icon

To copy an existing curriculum item use 'Copy as draft proposal' button on the Summary page of that item:


The copied draft will have a unique ID. Note this ID and use it to find the copied proposal and then you can begin to make your changes.

Common errors

After copying an existing item ensure all relevant fields in the new proposal form have been updated.

Common mistakes include not changing:

  • unit availability
  • unit coordinator
  • unit code

Web browser compatibility

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Although CAIDi performs well in Internet Explorer, the use of Chrome, Firefox or Safari is recommended. At UWA contact your local IT support to gain access to them.