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Dr Kabilan Krishnasamy

Academic Secretary

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Assessment inevitably shapes learning processes. What students learn and how they learn should reflect closely the purposes and aims of the course of study.

Value Statement

Assessment of student learning is an important educational function of the University with teaching practices designed to engage, challenge and transform students throughout their courses. Assessment drives and focuses student learning and, as such, is a critical component of the learning experience and the way teaching activities are designed for a unit of work.

Policy and Procedures

 The University Policy on Assessment  sets out the principles that govern the approach and management of formal assessment for coursework students within the University.

The policy comprises the following parts:


Part 1: University Standards for Assessment

Part 2: Governance of Assessment Standards

Part 3: Academic Provisions for Coursework Units

Part 4: Examinations

Part 5: Grading System


See the index for a quick search on specific sections or clauses of the policy.

Procedures are embedded within the policy.

Implementation Plan

Implementation of the new University Policy on Assessment will take the form of two phases, as follows:

  • Phase 1 (effective from 1st January 2016-December 2016): involves current practices that are already in place.
  • Phase 2 (effective from 1st January 2016-December 2017): allows teachers two years to make adjustments to approved curriculum and to improve their skills with digital assessment

The University Policy on Assessment clearly identifies sections of the Policy that will be implemented from 1st January 2018 and the highlighted interim clauses during the two-year implementation of Phase 2.

See Implementation Plan for specific details of the plan.

Faculty Contacts

For advice on assessment within a discipline context please contact the Associate Dean (Education) within your Faculty.


Teaching and Learning Resources

A number of teaching and learning resources including professional development, learning technologies, Carpe Diem workshops and other related resources are available from the Centre for Education Futures.