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Curriculum Committee


Executive Officers:

Ms Kathrin Stroud
Ms Kath Williams 


Induction information


Professor Peter Dean
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education)


The Curriculum Committee is a standing committee of the Education Committee and is chaired by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education).

Its role is to make recommendations to the Academic Council on proposals submitted for the introduction of new curriculum offerings and to approve changes to curriculum.  The Committee will also advise and make recommendations to the Education Committee on related policy and strategic matters.


Role and responsibilities

The role of the Committee is established by its Constitution.

Meeting dates

All meetings commence at 2pm and last approximately two hours.

Cut off-date for agenda items is two week before the meeting.

2019 meeting dates Cut-off date for receipt of agenda items Venue
Wednesday, 13th February Wednesday, 30th January Senate Room
Wednesday, 13th March Wednesday, 27th February Senate Room
Wednesday, 10th April - cancelled Wednesday, 27th March Senate Room
Wednesday, 8th May Wednesday, 24th April Senate Room
Wednesday, 12th June Wednesday, 29th May Senate Room
Wednesday, 10th July Wednesday, 26th June Senate Room
Wednesday, 14th August Wednesday, 31st July Senate Room
Wednesday, 11th September Wednesday, 28th August Senate Room
Wednesday, 9th October Wednesday, 25th September Senate Room
Wednesday, 13th November Wednesday, 30thOctober Senate Room

Agenda and minutes

Committee induction for members

Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Curriculum Committee induction information, and use this as a resource during their term of appointment.


Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) of each faculty or nominee and the nominee of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Education)

Executive Officers

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