Zenith Project – Learning Analytics pilot for UWA

Learning Analytics is the process of understanding and utilising data to improve learning and teaching.

With the steady increase of UWA's units moving to a blended learning mode, with many having significant digital engagement and learning activities, the Zenith Project is not only viable and meaningful, but right on time. The Zenith Project is trialling ways of providing daily updates to students about their study engagement and outcomes to provide support and development.

About the Zenith Project

The Zenith Project has created a new platform to enrich student empowerment, as part of the University's commitment to supporting students' success.

Using Learning Analytics, Zenith measures, collects, analyses and provides individuals reports to students to help increase their motivation, self-efficacy, satisfaction and performance as well as providing feedback on the digital and blended learning design of the unit for staff. Zenith is a full stakeholder collaboration led by the Centre for Education Futures (CEF) and involves UWA staff, students and our LMS partner.

Zenith has created the technological environment to enable a meaningful tool set and business process for students and unit staff. Zenith has well developed principles on ethics, privacy and access to the Guiding Principles on the Use of Learning Analytics (Zenith) at UWA.

Providing clear reports will inform decisions that will further enhance and improve learning and teaching performance. The Zenith Project Team will offer support and development to the staff and students throughout.

The Zenith Project Team is currently looking to develop criteria and seek volunteers for the Zenith Pilot 2. Another 25 unit coordinators and their students will be recruited to take part during Semester 2 2017. A full project review will be completed by the end of 2017 and further plans developed to extend the purpose and operations of the Zenith Project into 2018.

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