Staff profiles

Project lead
Dr Sandra Carr
Director of Postgraduate courses in Health Professions Education
Education Centre
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (FMDHS)
Team members
Assistant Professor Mrs Liza Seubert, Chris Etherton-Beer

Project outline

Interprofessional learning (IPL), where students learn with, from and about each other so as to enhance collaborative practice as professionals is a key element of all health professions courses. Most accrediting councils cite, teamwork, patient or client centred care, collaboration and collegiality as attributes required in graduates of the health professions.

This project seeks to explore how “Point of View” Virtual Reality (POV) glasses can be used to facilitate IPL between medical, pharmacy and podiatric medicine students in simulated and real clinical learning environments. The project will develop and pilot clinical learning activities in simulated and authentic clinical settings for students that incorporate use of the POV glasses to record their clinical interactions. The video recordings will be used to facilitate asynchronous self, peer and simulated patient reflections and discussions to achieve learning outcomes related IPL.

Wearable technologies can provide clinical learners with engaging opportunities to evaluate their skills development. POV glasses are worn by a clinical learner and enable them to digitally record their interaction with a patient or client. In addition to critically reviewing the performance, review of video recordings is challenging and prompts rich reflection among learners (and the clients') on their responses during the clinical encounter.

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