Staff profiles

Project lead
Associate Professor John Kinder
Discipline Chair (European Languages and Studies) and Convener (Italian Studies)
Humanities, European Languages and Studies
Team member
Federica Verdina, Francesco De Toni, Marinella Caruso

Project outline

This project is a scientifically informed analysis of desktop and mobile digital technologies in adapting learning for secondary language education. To be trialled for beginners of Italian in 2017 the project will investigate how the adoption of McGraw-Hill Connect® (a web-based e-learning platform) can answer the growing need for personalised learning in higher education through the use of mobile teaching and blended online education.

The project focus will be assessing three main resources available through the Connect® software. Firstly, integration with the UWA online Learning Management System (LMS), thus allowing students and teaching staff to engage with a single platform instead of multiple platforms. Secondly, the use of LearnSmart, the adaptive learning tool of Connect®. This tool provides the students with automated, adaptive and personalised exercises for language reinforcement, with instant feedback. The data provided by this tool will allow teachers to better cater for students' needs, identify students at risk more promptly and collect data for further research. Thirdly, by using the Mobile version of Connect®, it is expected to offer the students a more flexible and engaging way for day-to-day practising of language skills.

Overall, the implementation and analysis of the resources listed above is expected to significantly improve students' learning and engagement with secondary languages, and offer teachers a new framework for optimising the use of these resources in their courses.


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