Project outline

This project proposes to develop immersive and interactive mobile learning resources which will better prepare students for a Science laboratory.  The project has two main aims; firstly, evaluate the current mobile-learning technologies available for interactive pre-laboratory videos. Secondly, design, develop and evaluate a range of immersive mobile-learning resources to improve students’ laboratory preparation and overall student experience. Furthermore the project proposes to push the boundaries in current mobile-learning technology by exploring immersive mobile-learning technologies such as 360º videos and augmented reality.

This current project builds on the success of the original 2016 project which developed an interactive pre-laboratory video to aid students in preparation for a laboratory. However, the 2016 project encountered an issue, being that the pre-lab videos created did not work on either tablet or mobile devices. This current project aims to solve this problem in light of student feedback mirroring the latest research which predicts that of all devices using the internet 80% will be from smartphones and tablets.

The project will evaluate how easy it is to use the software for students/staff, its effectiveness on student learning/engagement and will create interactive/immersive videos in addition to providing guidance to staff that wish to use this technology in their teaching.

Staff profiles

Project lead
Dr Dino Spagnoli
Lecturer/Coordinator of First Year Studies in Chemistry and Biochemistry
School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Faculty of Science
Team member
Dr Shannan Maisey, Dr Tristan Clemons

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