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Project lead
Prof Alexandra Ludewig
Head of School
Team members
Dr Annie Demosthenous, Dr Michael Barbezat

Project outline

This project analyses the effects of training on the ability of research students to produce research outputs, as well as foster a more productive and collaborative research culture. Participants will engage in three types of hands on activities; full-course workshops, team collaborations, and mentoring meetings. Honorary Research Fellows will mentor Postgraduates, and Postgraduates will in turn mentor Honours students.

Each team will perform a series of research-related tasks which are submitted anonymously via the UWA's online Learning Management System (LMS) for peer feedback. Over the course of a year, teams will produce a conference abstract, PowerPoint presentation, community engagement output, and one research paper. Data will be collected four times from participants through anonymous online surveys.

The project aims to measure the impact of structured skills training and the formal mentoring scheme on participant wellbeing and productivity. To develop participant's ability to present research through varied mediums therefore increasing confidence, research productivity and employability. Together with further integrating Honorary Research Fellows into the university community, helping to open up opportunities for collaborative publishing and professional development. These project aims are in line with UWA's long-term strategic goals of leadership in education, internationally renowned research, community and global engagement.

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