Staff profiles

Project lead
Professor Stuart Bunt
Professorial Fellow, Teaching and Learning
Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology
Team members
Rachel Caterson, Rachael Gerginis

Project outline

This project aims to investigate how emergent technologies can be used within teaching to allow interaction with virtual teaching objects and other “virtual actors” portraying job interviewers, patients and colleagues to teach transferrable skills in educational group work and professional behaviour. By providing simulated environments for safe and controlled interactions in interview and group work this project will help better prepare students for the workforce whilst introducing them to new important technologies.

The specific emergent technologies this project will investigate are the HTC-Vive Virtual Reality Kit and Microsoft HoloLens which allow total immersion and mobility within a virtual scenario. The HTC-Vive kit can allow the production of 3D models where people can actually walk around or immerse themselves in, and “touch” and move objects in the virtual world (using the hand controllers). The Hololens can be used to teach anatomy using virtual bodies in virtual space as it has an anatomy 3D program designed by Case Western University. When linked to a 3D printer the Holostudio app can be used to create 3D anatomical models. University staff have to teach more in less time, with less staff, so this will provide a tremendous self-learning tool opportunity.

These emergent technologies will be used to create a blended learning environment to help students overall engagement in realising the usefulness and need for transferrable, technological competent and job ready skills.

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