Staff profiles

Project lead
Dr Marinella Caruso
Arts/Euro. Languages and Studies
Team members
Dr Nicola Fraschini Sabine Kuuse

Project outline

Following the introduction of the UWA New Courses 2012 re-structure, the landscape of foreign language study at UWA has changed dramatically. The number of students enrolled in foreign language units has doubled, with most students now coming from faculties other than Arts. This requires a review and an improvement of feedback practices to accommodate new cohorts of students to foster their language learning process and make feedback more efficient and effective.

This project is designed to suit the growing diversity of students' study background, motivation and learning styles and brings together staff from French, Italian and Korean backgrounds to develop the package of initiatives. The aim of the project is to develop a data bank of feedback comments, short instructional videos and a set of online cover sheets. Addressing the need for a more interactive, effective and time-saving feedback process, therefore allowing students more engagement with the process and ultimately enhancing their learning experience.

Evaluation of the projects pilot version will be undertaken at the end of semester 1 2016, while evaluation of the overall outcomes will take place at the end of semester 2 2016, after a final implementation of the project initiatives. Both evaluations will include surveys and focus group sessions. The materials produced will be firstly trialled in French, Italian and Korean and then extended to the other Western and Asian languages taught at UWA.

Project findings

As reflected in online surveys conducted, the project has been successful and has positively influenced students’ learning experience by offering them new ways of engaging with the feedback process. Students have clearly acknowledged the value of this new approach and the innovative resources. This project is the first interdisciplinary collaboration across European and Asian languages at UWA and was awarded with one of the 2016 UWA Awards for Exceptional Contribution to Education Futures.The new materials developed have been piloted with (and evaluated by) learners of French, Italian and Korean in first semester, and are now being refined for further implementation. The units in which these resources were trialed all scored above the UWA average in the Students’ Unit Reflective Feedback Survey (SURF) for Question 6 (‘Overall, this unit was a good educational experience’) and showed excellent retention rate. This project offers useful tools and examples for feedback engagement, which can be of relevance for all teaching and learning at UWA.   



  •     Presented at the World Congress in Applied Linguistics Conference Rio De Janeiro, July 2017.
  •     Presented at the Teaching and Learning Forum Conference, Curtin University, Perth 2016.
  •     Presented at the Assessment and Feedback Conference, University Club, UWA 17 March 2016.

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