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Project lead
Assoc Prof Martin Forsey
Social Sciences
Team members
Dr Kati Tonkin, Prof Melinda Hokiewicz

Project outline

Based on an ethnographic study of student participation in the digital classroom, this project aims at deepening understanding of the student experience and teaching practices at UWA. Built around a secondment to the Centre for Education Futures and a research project conducted by a recent UWA graduate (Research Assistant), this project will interrogate the student experience of flipped classrooms, focusing particularly on feedback processes, student reception and engagement with these processes. The aim is to also document and analyse teacher responses to the call for transformative teaching.

As a recent graduate the Research Assistant is well placed to blend into selected classes. As a participant observer in various classes across three faculties, the project aims to reach a deep understanding of student attitudes towards flipped classrooms and the ways in which they engage in face to face activities and with the digital technology used to direct their learning. The project leader will expand the study by interviewing students from other classes that reflect a broader range of digital incorporation and teachers who are identified as taking a lead towards more interactive learning. This will be documented and analysed to appreciate what is currently being done and to look for further ways to improve the educative experience of UWA students.

This research will open up fresh perspectives on the student experience of the digital classroom. The project prioritises “student voice” in documenting their experience of current teaching practices at UWA. It will invite attention to future possibilities and, inviting students to guide staff to what they see as effective, useful teaching practice and how it can enhance their learning.

Project findings

The project was successful in achieving its main objectives to deepen understanding of the student experience and teaching practices at UWA. The research conducted included,participant observation in class, interviews, open class discussions, surveys and  engagement/evaluation of online LMS material. The project generated a significant pool of qualitative and quantitative data which will inform & generate reports, recommendations and publications that will in turn inform decision making about teaching and learning at various levels of the university and within the national/international scholarly community.The research supports those seeking to transform teaching at UWA, particularly those interested in active learning and pedagogy. The research offers clear support from students for well designed, interactive learning programmes. It helps show how such approaches assist students in managing the cognitive load of learning which mirrors student feedback. The project also allows further, research- based commentary on pedagogical design for active learning programmes.

Flipped classroom 1
Flipped Classroom 2

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