Staff profiles

Project lead
Dr Kate Hislop
Senior Lecturer
School of Design

Project outline

This project aims to design a visually appealing and user-friendly website/database of Western Australian architecture and urban places appropriate for students and practitioners engaging with the built environment. A diverse range of architectural/urban projects and significant metro/regional areas will be classified according to multiple codes (dates, architects, locations but also interpretative or explanatory codes called 'thematic filters'). Importantly, this coding will enable the sorting of works by website users in a large variety of ways to generate catalogues as well as tours. Ultimately, the website will be designed to encourage users to embark upon 'excursions' (both virtual and actual) into the Western Australian built environment.

The project is an outcome of the unit ARCT5586 Australian Architecture in a Global Setting, taught in first semester 2016. The unit was rejuvenated as a direct result from attending a Carpe Diem workshop held by the Centre for Education Futures. Three new key aspects that were implemented in the unit include, thematic filtering (organisation of content according to interpretative themes), mobile learning (walking tours of buildings and settings that highlighted the themes discussed in class) and online interaction (use of e-learning activities such as discussion boards to inform the development of assignments).

It is clear from student feedback that thematic interpretation, mobile in-context immersion, and online interaction were valuable unit experiences which proved to increase student engagement and learning. This comprehensive and accessible web-based collection of architectural and urban projects will be made available as a resource to staff teaching in ALVA (now School of Design) and elsewhere in UWA.

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