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Project lead
W/Prof Julie Anne Lee
Teaching and Research
Team members
Dr Saalem Sadeque, Dr Uwana Evers, Karen Winter

Project outline

This project aims to better understand how to engage the diverse student body in the new marketing first year unit, MKTG1107. The application addresses an area of particular concern for first-year students, which are motivational interferences caused by an increasing number of distractions (paid-work pressures, friends moving away and family obligations etc.) The project will examine how staff can assist students to identify and address these interferences in order to increase engagement and overall student satisfaction.

In Semester 1 2016 there were significant differences in students propensity to engage with the online Learning Management System (LMS) content in unit MKTG1107 on a regular basis, as evidenced by the learning analytics in LMS (tracking levels of content engagement) and using the Zaption program analytics.

Research suggests that the transition for many young school-leaver students from a highly structured learning environment to a more independent and self-regulated learning environment can be a complex and highly stressful transition. Therefore the identification of students who are at risk of study interferences is important, especially for first year students, who are at increased risk of failure.

This project plans to design interventions, specifically targeted at these first year students to help them better engage with their digital learning environment. The project's success will be evaluated on actual engagement, comparisons of LMS analytics (2016 vs 2017), surveys on satisfaction, follow up focus groups and collated student perceptions of their online learning experience.


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