Staff profiles

Project lead
W/Prof Julie Anne Lee
Teaching and Research
Business School
Team members
Dr Saalem Sadeque, Dr Uwana Evers, Karen Winter

Project outline

Resulting from student feedback for greater access to online lecture recordings the aim of this project is to develop a cohesive and engaging online presence for the new international first year broadening unit (MKTG1107 Consumers around the World) at the UWA Business School.

This new broadening unit is designed around experiential learning with the aim of broadening and deepening students understanding of the complex issues and problems facing humankind. The unit has no text; rather it requires students to seek answers to questions using data from the online Passport Global Market Information Database (GMID). This innovative unit will be designed as a showcase for blended learning within the Business School.

Increasing student engagement by offering a more blended unit it will provide the opportunity to substantially increase students' knowledge about our world and the big issues that we face as consumers. This should translate into students becoming more informed global citizens and therefore more prepared for the competitive global workforce. Students will be able to complete the unit in a purely online or a blended format (online and face-to-face), offering added convenience for the student body. It is also expected that student's Students Unit Reflective Feedback (SURF) scores and comments will improve significantly for the unit.

Project findings

This project met the goals and aims of the original project proposal. The student’s midterm feedback was very positive, tutors felt that the unit was engaging and the students were satisfied. Students gave most of the online lecture elements between 4/5 (max) star ratings at the end of each week and the units SURF survey scores increased, which was a key indicator for this project.
ZAPTION, the program chosen to embed additional content and questions into the online lectures, was sold and is now offline. The project team are currently exploring other applications that have potential to include similar material. This project aimed to improve a new unit and provide a more engaging online presence. This was achieved and will be ongoing with a commitment to continue the development of the unit and share the experiences with other teachers.


  • Presentation at the WA Teaching & Learning Forum, Curtin University 2016
  • Submited a paper to the WA Teaching and Learning Forum, Perth 2017.

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