Sessional teaching staff include those who teach as casual staff, are paid on an hourly basis, are employed on fractional appointments less than 0.5FTE or those who may teach unpaid as part of their professional role. Sessional teachers can include adjunct title holders and clinical academics.

Sessional staff may also be honours and postgraduate students who tutor for a semester or two, through to highly skilled and qualified clinicians and practising professionals.

Online sessional staff resources

Sessional staff resources unit in the LMS

A community unit within the Learning Management System (LMS) titled Sessional Staff Resources is available for current sessional staff at UWA for use as a supplement to their faculty's provided teaching and learning professional development opportunities. Sessional staff can self-enrol to access the teaching and learning resources and links featured in this unit.

Instructions to self-enrol into the Sessional Staff Resources unit in the LMS:

  1. After logging in to the LMS with your staff number and Pheme password, click on the Community tab.
  2. Search for Sessional Staff.
  3. Select the chevron (down arrow) to the right of Organisation ID: SessionalStaff-2016
  4. Select the Enrol option.

Blackboard help resources

Sessional staff may be responsible for developing an LMS Online unit. To learn the design and administration functionality of the LMS (Blackboard), you can look at the public Blackboard Help site. This includes videos (also on YouTube). They won't have the UWA specific guides but you will be able to access these when you have your UWA Pheme username and password.

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