The Carpe Diem (from the Latin 'seize the day') learning design process is a fast, effective and highly practical design approach to enable unit teams to understand, develop and implement forward-looking, student-centred learning.

Workshops involve each unit going through sequential collaborative tasks, including blueprinting, storyboarding, scaffolded learning, development of e-tivities (activities developed for a digital environment), peer review and action planning.

Carpe Diem: Technology Enhanced Learning at UWA

Workshops in 2017

You told us that it’s difficult to find time to design your unit for the betterment of your students’ experience. We listened and are running Carpe Diem workshops in a variety of different formats to suit you and your unit.

By format

Original (2 days)

The original Carpe Diem process is best suited to the learning design of new units, substantial changes or really focusing on one aspect to be aligned within your unit (e.g. assessment) and allows for more detailed analysis and reflection. Please note that you must register and attend for both days to complete the Carpe Diem process. Register below:

Intensive (1 day)

The one-day intensive workshop is best suited to participants who have already attended an original Carpe Diem workshop and are familiar with the process, or new participants who are looking for an intensive approach. Register below:

Customised by School – by invitation only

By invitation only, these Carpe Diem workshops will be customised to the school or department specifically to ensure the maximum benefit and uptake. Register your interest here.

Customised by focus area – UWA Summer School

These Carpe Diem workshops focus on redesigning units to be delivered in the UWA Summer School:


By date

Getting the most out of the workshop

  • A unit coordinator for the unit must attend.
  • Unit coordinators are encouraged to invite as many of their unit team members as possible. Please ensure all participants register.
  • It is important to have agreed unit learning outcomes.
  • Please bring your own laptop for online development.

Additionally, we highly recommend you watch the following information prior to starting the workshop




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