ePortfolios allow students to reflect on experiences, plan learning, upload evidence of learning activities, and to showcase their abilities.

ePortfolios provide students with a way to reflect on and demonstrate their learning and achievements. They can be used for personal development or professional presentation, and in higher education, for staff to give guidance and feedback through assessment. This JISC guide is a starting point for more information about ePortfolios.

The use of ePortfolios seems to work best when implemented and scaffolded across a whole course, with a particular emphasis on course outcomes, professional competencies or, in the case of UWA, educational principles.

UWA uses Blackboard Portfolio, which enables students to create and manage their own ePortfolios. The Blackboard Portfolio tool also enables staff to provide the following through their unit:

  • a link to the Unit Portfolios tool where staff and students in the unit can share Portfolios they have created with each other
  • a link to the Portfolio Homepage tool where students create Portfolios
  • Assignment submission areas, where students can submit Portfolios for assessment and feedback.
  1. Help for staff
  2. Help for students
  3. Transition from PLE (PebblePad) to Blackboard Portfolio

Help for staff

The following guides will help you set up portfolio use in your LMS unit. This information is also provided under 'Staff LMS Help' in the LMS.

How to share portfolios within a unit

How to provide a link to the portfolio creation area

How to enable portfolio assignment submission

How students will use portfolios in your unit

eLearning Helpdesk

(+61 8) 6488 8190

Help for students

Getting started with Blackboard Portfolio (student guide)

  1. Ask your lecturer for help with specific learning and assessment activities. In the case of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) course, the contact email is mdportfolio - FMDHS.
  2. Contact the Library information desk for issues, help and general information.
  3. Refer to the 'Student LMS Help' and Blackboard Help

Transition from PLE (PebblePad) to Blackboard Portfolio

For most courses, Blackboard Portfolio has replaced PebblePad as UWA's ePortfolio tool. Students and staff who have been using PebblePad have the option to export assets from PebblePad and add them as artefacts to Blackboard.

You can also continue using Pebble+ in a personal capacity but it is very important that you follow the instructions to create an Alumni Account before your UWA PebblePad account is closed.

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