What is a LMS Organisation?

An Organisation is an online space in the Learning Management System (LMS) that is created to support learning and teaching objectives but is not linked with any Callista timetabled units.

A LMS Organisation is similar to a Unit and shares the same layout, tools (content, communication, assessment and collaboration) and features. As with Units in the LMS, access is restricted to staff, students and university affiliates (i.e. people with Pheme or FIM accounts).

The main differences between an Organisation and a Unit are that:

  1. Organisations are created via a request process and are required to meet certain defined specifications; and
  2. All user enrolments are manual

Specifications: A LMS Organisation must:

  • Support or advance learning and teaching objectives in relation to staff and students
  • Contain interactive elements (e.g. forum, tests, surveys) where participants engage with either resources, activities or other participants

Blackboard Organisation Request Form

Preferred Enrollment Method

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