The Futures Observatory will raise the profile of more radical thinking about education at UWA through intelligence gathering, cross-disciplinary and role collaboration, the injection of deliberation through activities with external partners, and small-scale scholarship funding opportunities.

It will be the conduit to facilitate partnerships with selected technology and industry organisations that promote students' learning and opportunities to influence their higher education futures. The Futures Observatory is the innovation brand of the Centre for Education Futures, demonstrating the use of disruptive and emerging technologies and their influence in the global educational community.

  • A focus on stimulating, fun and interesting 'futures-first thinking' events
  • Partnerships with selected technology and industry organisations to promote windows on possible education futures for higher education and students' learning
  • Ability for academics, teaching staff and postgraduate students to be exposed to, to try out and to consider the newer devices and technologies for use in their practice
  • Opportunities for researchers to share new ideas, develop scholarship and research with others around more radical education innovation
  • Alerts, reports and future-oriented 'White Papers' to promote discussions, explorations and experiments
  • An Education Futures Scholarship and Seed Funding program providing opportunities for more staff involvement in scholarship projects and evidence building for learning transformation
  • Create an innovation 'pipeline' from the Futures Observatory to inform Carpe Diem learning design

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