The Futures Observatory regularly hosts a variety of events with the aim of providing UWA staff with opportunities to explore emerging technologies and new ways of learning and teaching.

These events also bring together like-minded individuals from around UWA, the education community and technology partners with the aim of fostering collaboration and information sharing in the scholarship of learning and teaching.

Upcoming events

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mLearning Month - September 2017

Across the month of September, the Centre for Education Futures will be hosting a range of  demonstrations, showcases, presentations, workshops and networking events that will explore the use of mobile and in-context learning in Higher Education.

View the calendar of events.

Registration and event information is available here.

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Futures Enthusiasts Meet-Up (FEMU)

If you're someone who's keen to be part of the next wave of innovative developments in higher education, the Centre for Education Futures invites you to join its monthly catered networking events across 2017 at the Futures Observatory.

The next FEMU event is on Wednesday, 28 September 2017.

Registration and event information is available here.

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